Kollel Torah-Thon
Thank you for supporting the Kansas City Kollel, and Jewish education!

During the week of May 13th to the 19th, in preparation for Shavuot (when we celebrate receiving the Torah), the Kollel will attempt to accumulate 5,000 minutes of Torah study through our classes. For example, a ten-person 30-minute class would be 300 minutes.

We're asking our supporters to sponsor per minute of Torah learned that week. We're hoping to reach $10 per minute, so we appreciate whatever you can give, whether it's a dollar-per-minute or a penny-per-minute. EVERY PENNY COUNTS!

No matter how much you can give, please also consider joining our classes (or making your own through the Kollel) to help get us to 5,000. You'll be raising more money for the Kollel without paying more!

Thank you for your support.

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Are you so confident that the Kollel will reach it's goal of 5,000 minutes that you're willing to fulfill your pledge now? Visit our donations page below.
If you do not wish to pay now, and you'd like us to contact you after the campaign, simply click "Submit" below.

There have been glitches in the past with the site which have been resolved. If it doesn't function properly, we apologize and will take care of it. Simply contact the email or phone number on the page.

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