Howard Zinn Fund Grant Application
Thank you for inquiring about a grant from the Howard Zinn Fund Committee for Peace and Justice. We support new, outcome-driven programs within Veterans for Peace, and we encourage chapters and national members to apply. These grants are competitive within VFP, and we focus our grantmaking on addressing root causes and structural issues which lead to create peace at home and peace abroad. Examples of these issues include climate change, colonialism, capitalism, and militarism. As well as seeking to change the status quo, we also support projects imagining an entirely new future and teams creating new social, economic, and governance systems supporting peace.
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What are the root causes of the problem you are solving?
How will your project change the root causes you describe above?
Who are your team members for this project? What is their experience in this field of work?
What is your project budget? (Zinn Committee will generally fund not more than 50% of the project, but we will make exceptions as necessary.)
What are your other funding sources?
How will this project be sustainable over time?
Thank you for applying to the Zinn Fund! If you have any questions about what we’re looking for, email us at
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