Olive Grove 2018 Registration Form
Week one: June 20- June 27 --Please note there is only one week of Olive Grove this year due to the Bayram (Holiday). Please note that Olive Grove will run from Wednesday to Wednesday!


- Please read all registration and fee information thoroughly
- Complete the registration information in full
- Bank information, including information about deposit payments, will be sent to you upon
receipt of your child’s registration
- Please complete one form per child



1. Fee information
a. Base Price: fee must be paid in full by May 31, 2018. After May 31, late fees apply.
• One week: $325

b. Early payment discount: A discount is offered if you pay in full before April 6, 2018.
• One week early payment fee: $300
c. Sibling discount:
• 2nd child: less $20
• Each additional child after that: less $25

d. Late fees for payments made after May 31, 2018:
• Payments made from June 1-June 7: late fee of $20 per registration
• Payments made from June 7- June 14: late fee of $30 per registration
• Payments made June 15 and later: late fee of $40 per registration

*** Need-based scholarships are available upon request.
Please request an application form.

2. Refunds
• Deposits are non-refundable
• Registration fees are NOT refundable after May 31, 2018

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Children must be 8 years old and/ or completed grade 1.
Grade in school child will be entering in the fall 2018 *
2 = 2nd grade, 3 = 3rd grade, 4= 4th grade, etc
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• Many families prefer that their children travel with other Olive Grovers. If you’d be willing to share your name, email, and travel info with other families in your area, please tick this box. We will then open access to a document in which you view other families' travel plans/ contact info in your area. *
Please list information you would like to share about your child which may affect his/ her experience at Olive Grove. For example: loss of a family member, recent changes in home life, new to the country, school changes, learning disabilities, etc.
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Statement of agreement: We understand that Olive Grove operates under the auspices of the St Paul Cultural Center Dernek (Association). While lessons and challenges from the Bible constitute a vital part of the daily program, utmost respect for children and their families is a rule. No child, under any circumstances, will be pressured into or prevented from adopting or abandoning certain religious beliefs. Furthermore, the leaders of Olive Grove will do their best to inform parents of any significant spiritual decisions their children make or developments they undergo while attending Olive Grove. We understand that Olive Grove has an established program and set activities in which each child is expected to participate. Respect for leadership and other participants is also necessary for a positive camp environment. Olive Grove leadership reserves the right to send a child home if they are not willing to adhere to the Olive Grove program at the parents’ expense. Also, children are expected to stay onsite and not leave with parents during the camp program unless the parents choose to withdraw their child from the program. We also agree that all payments for Olive Grove, including registration deposit, registration, transportation transfer fees, fees for certain electives, and additional meal fees, will be paid on time. We understand that late payments will be due if payments are not given by given due dates and we agree to pay those fees. We understand that Olive Grove will not be responsible for our child’s personal items that are lost or damaged. Olive Grove will also not be financially accountable for medical expenses accrued by our child, nor will be liable for any medical expenses which happen during transportation to and from Olive Grove, or during Olive Grove. Olive Grove expects all campers to have adequate medical insurance coverage through their parents. We affirm that we have proper medical insurance for our child and absolve OG of all liability. *
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