Teaching with Primary Sources Western Region Online Asynchronous Professional Development
Welcome to Teaching with Primary Sources and our online asynchronous classes for Professional Development. We are very excited about celebrating the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote, learning the stories about railroads, and exploring STEAM resources for the classroom!

In these classes, you will immerse yourself in primary sources for any topic and learn about ways to engage your students in the classroom using resources from the Library of Congress, local, state and national museums, the National Park Service, and many of the Teaching With Primary Sources partners. We are sharing applications for primary source instruction to explore new ways to utilize technology tools to collaborate, learn and share with your students. You will spend time learning to search in the Library of Congress website, analyzing primary sources, and contributing the shared resources which will allow you to use what you and others learn through this experience in the classroom. Your reflection exercises will help you think about how you will apply these activities and ideas in your classroom.

Some components of each class are the same, some are different. Each class offers the use of technology tools, thinking and learning strategies, and an ELL component. (Colorado teachers this will help you meet the needs of the ELL certification for state, other states may have a requirement but it is up to the participant to review your particular needs. ) You may take any or all of the classes. You can learn and explore the resources in your own time and we are here to help if you need it along the way.

Take a look at the course offerings below and let us know if you are interested in participating. Once registered, we will send you an online code for entry into Google Classroom where you can learn at your own pace from August 5 - September 30th. Upon submittal of your reflection form and evaluation you will receive a certificate for 16 hours of Professional Development Learning time. At this time we are not offering graduate credit, but look for that in the near future!
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