A2 & A4 Reading Time Reckoning
This is just some feedback from what you read lately, including today. Be honest–if you don't tell the truth you'll have to work at H&M for a week.
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NOT your street name—I need to know who's earning these points.
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What have you been reading? *
I'm asking about what you've been reading the past few times. Check all that apply. And if next to Other you write "Instructions on Funblocked games," I will chuck a paper clip at you on Wednesday. And give you zero points.
What did you read TODAY? Yep, be specific—What's the title of the book, article (+ the magazine, newspaper, or website it came from) or whatever that you used your precious Independent Reading Time minutes on today? *
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What did you like about what you read TODAY? Again, details. *
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How effectively did you use your in-class reading time TODAY?
Not effectively. I slept and/or played games.
Very effectively. I read the whole time.
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