2-5 Student Survey
Student Form
1. My school is: *
2. What is your gender or gender identity? *
3. What is your race? *
4. What grade are you in? *
5. I like school. *
6. I feel like I do well in school. *
7. Adults at my school want me to do well. *
8. My school has clear rules for behavior. *
9. Adults at school treat me with respect. *
10. Good behavior is noticed at my school. *
11. I get along with other students. *
12. I feel safe at school. *
13. Students treat each other with respect. *
14. There is an adult at my school who will help me if I need it. *
15. Students in my class behave so that teachers can teach. *
16. I meet in circles or class meetings at school. *
17. Circles help me get to know my classmates and teachers. *
18. There is a place where I can go if I need to calm down. *
19. I feel like I am in trouble if I move to the safe seat. *
20. I feel like I am in trouble if I move to the buddy room. *
21. I participate in a Welcoming Ritual.
22. I participate in an Optimistic Closure or a positive check out at the end of the day.
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