Love Light Clothing Testimonial and DREAMS
Blessings, thanks for support my clothing line over the years. What started as just a project to personally have ethical, organic and local clothes for myself as a full time teacher, slowly turned into a great work that is now rocked all over the world. What a great and wonderful joy to see a project come to life!
I would love if you took a moment to write a testimonial of any them on why you love LLY Clothes and why, what pieces you have, how they make you feel, how and where you rock them! I would love to hear and share all the thoughts you have. AND would love to have feedback on the next run of clothing and would you like to see.
Thanks for taking a moment to share this.
IF you want to include your name, occupation and website/social media information, I would love to share.
WHY do you love LLY Yoga clothes and what pieces do you have? How do you like to rock them and what kind of feedback have you gotten about them.
Do you have any images of you rocking the clothing in the world or on the mat?
What would you like to see next with LLY? Tell me about your dream clothing!
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