2019 Energy Navigator Volunteer Application
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Energy Navigators are concerned and capable residents who help their friends, neighbors and other community members learn about ways they can reduce their energy use and energy bills and use renewable forms of energy to heat and power their homes. In particular, Navigators focus on programs that cover costs of energy efficiency, renewable heating and solar for households with limited income. Navigators provide one-on-one advising to interested residents, including doing walkthrough home visits with hands-on demonstrations of energy-saving strategies. They also try to lead by example!

Energy Navigators commit to a year-long program from April 2019-February 2020 that includes a period of training, followed by supervised outreach and education with community members. Volunteers are expected to give at least 50 hours of their time over the course of the year to related outreach activities, and help at least ten of their contacts with energy-related actions (please read the Volunteer Job Description for more information on expectations).

Energy Navigator trainee selection is based on an applicant’s ability to attend the training sessions, and their capacity and interest in helping others. Preference is given to volunteers who are connected to diverse populations in rural and urban areas.

The 10-session Energy Navigator Training will begin on Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 from 6-8:15 pm, and meet the subsequent Wednesdays at the same time. After the training, monthly gatherings will be held to support Navigator outreach activities, and share additional information.

Questions? Contact Karim Beers, Get Your GreenBack Tompkins coordinator, at kwb6@cornell.edu.

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For example, experience with community outreach, community contacts with specific communities or groups, relevant studies or work experience in energy fields, first-hand experience with energy efficiency, heating, etc.
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Energy Audit
Air sealed and insulated home
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Heat with wood or wood pellets
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Have you ever volunteered/worked for Cooperative Extension before? If yes, give dates, program position, County/State.
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While everyone is expected to help with community outreach and support at least ten of their contacts with energy-related decisions, there will be other opportunities for volunteering. Your answer will give us a sense of the type of activities you are most interested in.
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Volunteers are expected to offer 8 hours a month or at least a total of 50 hours over their period of service.
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Would you be willing to host a training session or gathering at your home?
Marking "yes" is not a commitment, but lets me know it may be a possibility. Homes with renewable heating systems, solar, or other relevant characteristics are useful for the group's learning.
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Specifics help! For example, the name of the listserv, newsletter, meeting, group, or place you saw a poster.
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Do you anticipate having any trouble with transportation to training sessions? If 'yes', please describe.
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Do you have any physical or health accommodations that may be needed to allow you to participate in Energy Navigator training and/or volunteering? If 'yes', please describe.
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Do you now have, or anticipate, any obligations that may prevent you from fulfilling the volunteer commitment to the Program over the next year? If 'yes', please describe.
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References (List two people, not related to you, that we may contact who have knowledge of your qualifications. Include the reference's name, how they know you, their email, and telephone.) *
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Additional Information: You are welcome to include additional comments in response to the questions above, or other information that may be useful for us in evaluating your application
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