Joliet Slammers Host Family
Each year, Slammers players come from around the US to continue their dream of playing professional baseball. They rely on the kindness of families in and around Joliet who open their homes and allow the players to live with them during the summer. Host families do not receive rent, but do receive Slammers season tickets. Some families cook for their players, others do not.

The only requirements we have for our host families are:
Must have a private or semi-private sleeping area for a player (bedroom, loft, basement)
Separate bathroom is preferred, but not required
Access to kitchen, utensils, refrigerator and pantry space (some allow players to eat items in the house, others ask for them to buy their own food--it's up to the family)
Ability to use washer/dryer
Parking space
Access to TV/Internet

Host families can set their own house rules for the players and players not abiding by the rules will lose their housing or be disciplined by the team.

Players are asked similar questions, and Slammers staff work to make the best matches possible between players and families.

If you have questions about becoming a host family, reach out to the Slammers at 815-722-2287
Do you have interest in being a host family for 2021?
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If you're new to the host family program, would you like to speak to one of our current host families?
Would you require any players living with you to have a COVID-19 vaccine prior to arriving?
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Would you like your household to have the COVID-19 vaccine prior to any players moving in to your house?
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How many players would you be interested in hosting?
Could you host any additional players during spring training?
Please list the people that live in your house, including the ages of any children.
Please list the number and types of pets that you have.
Would you allow a girlfriend or a wife to stay over (short term)? This is not a requirement, but we usually have a few players that ask about it.
Please explain the living condition for players (room/bed/bathroom/parking/household amenities).
Would players be allowed to drink or smoke? Do others in your household drink or smoke? (please note this is a rule that we allow host families to set, we ask the question in order to make the best placements)
Do you have any requests regarding specific players you would like to live with you?
Do you have any house expectations we should be aware of when matching you with a player?
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