Science Attitudes Survey

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    Science is mainly a way of inventing new devices.
    Science can solve any problem or answer any question
    Science is mainly concerned with understanding how the natural world works.
    Science can use supernatural forces to explain how things work.
    Astrology (predicting your future from the arrangement of stars and planets) is a science.
    Science requires a lot of creative activity.
    Science always provides tentative (temporary) answers to questions.
    A "hypothesis" is just an "educated guess" about anything.
    Scientists can believe in God or a supernatural being and still do good science.
    Science is most concerned with collecting facts.
    Most engineers and medical doctors are actually scientists.
    A scientific fact is absolute, fixed, permanent.
    Science can be done poorly.
    A scientific theory is a guess about how something works.
    Scientists have solved most of the major mysteries of nature.
    Science can study events that happened millions of years ago.
    Knowledge of what science is, what it can and cannot do, and how it works, is important for all educated people.
    Scientific experimentation usually involves trying something just to see what will happen, without predicting a likely outcome.
    Anything done scientifically can be relied upon to be accurate and reliable.
    Scientists assume that nature follows the same "rules" throughout the universe.
    Scientists often try to find evidence to prove their hypotheses wrong.
    Science can be influenced by race, gender, nationality, or religion of the scientists.
    Disagreement between scientists is one of the weaknesses of science.
    Any study done carefully and based on observation is scientific.
    Learning to be skeptical is an important part about studying science.
    You must practice doing science to be good at it (like sports).
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    I like science.
    I think science is important for me to learn.
    I think science affects my everyday life.
    I want to be in a job/career that uses science.
    I think there are lots of voting issues that involve science.
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