JOB | Syringe Exchange Peer Educator - VOCAL-NY
Are you interested in being a SYRINGE EXCHANGE PEER EDUCATOR? Are you a current drug user or have a close connection to active drug users in Brooklyn?

Are you interested in providing other drug users with clean needles, overdose prevention education, safer smoking supplies, safer sex supplies, and other drug user health information? Are you committed to educating the drug-using community about HIV/HCV and overdose prevention in a non-judgmental way?

VOCAL-NY is looking for Peer Delivered Syringe Exchange (PDSE) Peers!


- Have daily interaction with drug users (heroin, crack, cocaine) in Brooklyn that are NOT connected to syringe exchange services.

- Are comfortable working alone on their own schedule or in teams to provide supplies to those who need them (e.g. deliver syringes and supplies to individuals or in locations where drug users live/congregate)

- Provide 9 hours/wk minimum outreach on your own schedule to drug users, attend a weekly 1-hour meeting at VOCAL-NY, and keep records of syringe and educational transactions

- Completion of NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute training for SEP workers and volunteers (if not already completed, must complete within first 90 days).

- Be deputized to dispense Naloxone and provide overdose prevention training (if not already completed, must comlete within first 90 days).


$15/hour for approximately 10 hours/week


VOCAL-NY is a grassroots membership organization working to create healthy and just communities by building power among people affected by HIV and hepatitis C, mass incarceration and the war on drugs. VOCAL-NY provides onsite and peer-based syringe exchange, overdose prevention, hepatitis C and HIV education, care coordination, drug treatment education and other services for active and former drug users. Services are provided in a low-threshold, nonjudgmental and culturally relevant manner.

VOCAL-NY is an equal opportunity employer. People with a history of drug use, women, people of color, people who are LGBTQ and people living with HIV/AIDS are strongly encouraged to apply.

For more information, please visit our website at or call Paula Santiago at 917-834-5341.
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