Team 696 2019-20 Application
This is a competitive application and interview process. Submitting an application does not guarantee an interview and does not guarantee acceptance to Team 696.

Please fill out the form below. This form should be filled out by the student applying WITHOUT parent input or oversight. There are no minimum or maximum length requirements to the free response questions. Answer as you see fit.

This application will close on Friday April 19th at 5:00 PM.
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When and how did you hear about our team, and what made you want to apply? *
What do you know about the FIRST Robotics Competition in general and Team 696 specifically? *
Team 696 is an outstanding organization that works out of an outstanding lab facility with outstanding equipment and resources. What makes you outstanding? *
What are your perspectives, views, or thoughts on winning? *
What is your idea of a strong and successful team, and how do you see yourself as a part of it? *
What motivates you? *
How do you learn? *
There are lots of elective classes, school clubs, and other extracurricular activities available to students. Why do you want to be a part of FIRST Robotics Team 696 over all the other available choices? *
What are you good at, and how does that skill relate to our organization's needs? *
How can we be sure of your response to the above question? *
What do you want to be very good at, and what is preventing you from reaching that goal? *
What is your perception of the time and effort that involvement in FIRST Robotics Team 696 will require of you? *
Describe something lengthy or complex that you've taught yourself or accomplished on your own and the steps you took to do it. *
Sometimes we receive lots of applications and often cannot accommodate everyone. Why should we accept you to our team? *
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