Project NorthStar - Speaker Call for Entries
Thank you for your interest in Project NorthStar! This is a tech conference that provides connections, education, and opportunities for current/aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals from the Black and Latinx community.

We're going to put talented folks onstage and highlight their expertise in various areas around innovation, tech and entrepreneurship. We are looking for Black and/or Latinx speakers who can share highly actionable advice, hacks, and tips on topics around these areas. Our speakers are typically a diverse group of people with a wealth of knowledge in their domain. They know where the opportunities are, and want to openly share their expertise in order to help others.

Tell us more about yourself and what you want to present at NorthStar.

We are looking for speakers who can potentially do at least one of the following: (1) give a 10-minute solo lightning talk, (2) lead a group coaching session, (3) speak on a panel.

This would be a PAID speaking engagement; honorariums vary.
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