Work with Riley & Parker
We're always looking for hungry talent to help us build amazing physical and digital products.

Our Mission:

To continue creating & launching physical products on, while building LivinThatLife into an Authority brand about Travel, Online Business, and Lifestyle. And to monetize this by creating amazing content and digital products.

(Oh yeah and, while traveling the world, having fun, and doing dope shit.)

We could pay random freelancers to help us with this, but it would be cool to work with people who know us, who are HUNGRY to build their OWN business, in exchange for:
exposure for your brand, Amazon product advising, and general mentorship.


"If you want to work with someone, start by offering your services for free." - GaryVee

This will be an unpaid thing, just a value-exchange... You offer your services, in exchange for: coaching, mentorship & experience.

And, if you have one already, exposure for your brand/services – if you do great work, I'll share you on my social media. Maybe even get you on a podcast if you're great.

Specifically, I'll offer you coaching calls, where you can pick my brain about your business and/or life - and I'll share my honest thoughts & advice – whether this be choosing a niche & creating a product, building your own YouTube channel, transitioning into a work-remote career, or anything else.

How many coaching calls? We'll talk about a win-win situation but, my 1-on-1 product advising calls for example are $197, so we'll use that as a baseline reference on value-exchange.


If you're interested in future paid position:

Basically, if you prove yourself invaluable to our business and make it so I can't afford to NOT pay you to stay... then boom, we can negotiate a paid thing.

(if you're just looking for short-term experience thats cool to)

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