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Welcome to Dots! Let's get your campaign started.

Helpful hints:
• Don't worry about getting the campaign details perfect here. After we set up your campaign page, you'll have a chance to review and modify all details before the campaign launches.
• If you need inspiration, you might find these demos helpful: or
• Stripe is the payment processor that makes it possible for donations to flow from the Dots website to a bank account of your choosing. If your organization (or you, if this is a personal fundraiser) doesn't have a Stripe account, please set one up now at Stripe will ask for your tax ID, business address, and bank details. The Stripe approval may take up to 2 weeks to process. Stripe does not share these details with Dots or the Live Music Project.
• Questions? We're here for you! Email us at

~ Team Dots at the Live Music Project
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About the campaign
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This is the big headline at the top of your campaign. (Example: Peter Pan Youth Symphony Never Never Land Tour Fundraiser)
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It's time to rally your supporters! Talk about the wonderful work you're doing. What will this fundraiser allow you to accomplish? Write 2-4 sentences to personalize your campaign page.
Dot map template *
There are 4 pre-set templates available at no additional cost. For a $150 fee, we will implement a dot map of your own design.
Donation rate – single-donor fixed dots *
This determines how much each dot will be sponsored for. If you're not used to asking for donations, we recommend setting the rate to $25 or $50. If your donors frequently contribute $250 or more each, and you're comfortable asking for that amount during your fundraiser, consider choosing a higher per-dot donation rate.
Donation minimum – multi-donor flex dots *
For your multi-donor dot(s), what would you like the minimum donation to be?
Campaign start date *
When do you plan to launch your campaign to the public? (A rough guess is ok.)
Campaign end date (optional)
When do you plan to close the campaign? (A rough guess is ok.)
Organization/ensemble name *
Who is this fundraiser for? (Examples: Peter Pan Youth Symphony, Bestplaceville Symphony Association)
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If donors have questions about your campaign, who should they contact?
Are donations to this campaign tax-deductible? *
If donations are tax-deductible, what is the organization's registered IRS name and EIN?
What is your fundraising goal for this campaign? *
Examples: "We're hoping to raise $1,000-$3,000 for our school orchestra tour," "Our goal is $10,000 for our end-of-year campaign," "We're planning to raise $100,000 to fund faculty and scholarships for our annual festival," "We're not sure yet, but we think it's around $...) This is for internal use only, so we can provide the best support possible.
Tell us about your organization's donation patterns *
If your organization has fundraised before, what is the most common amount you've received for a single donation? For example, do most of your donors give $25 per gift, or do they give $100? If some of your donors give more than once a year, think about the amount they give each time, not the total. Give it your best guess :) This will help us tailor the campaign to your donor community.
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