The Board of Trustees of the Winnetka-Northfield Public Library District (the "Board") - Trustee Interest Form
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Have you been a resident of Winnetka or Northfield since April 2, 2017? *
Have you or another adult member of your household served on any Winnetka Village board, committee, council, or in any other volunteer role? If so, please explain. *
How long have you lived in Winnetka and/or Northfield? *
Why are you interested in serving on the Library Board? *
The Library Board has monthly meetings lasting 2-3 hours each, and quarterly to monthly study sessions lasting 2-3 hours each. Are you prepared to fulfill the time commitments required by Library Board membership? *
If you are a resident of Winnetka, would you be able to and interested in serving as the Library Board's liaison to the Winnetka downtown master plan task force ( *
What scheduling constraints do you have of which the Library Board should be aware? *
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Please tell us about your education, listing, as applicable, high school, college, and graduate school institutions and graduating year(s). *
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Please tell us about any other volunteer activities which which you have been involved other than the Winnetka and/or Northfield roles you indicated above, if any. *
Please list three individuals whom we may contact as references for you, indicating, for each, their name, contact information, and relation to you. *
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