SYFL - Feedback Form - End of 2012 Season
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You do not have to provide your name. Responses will be reviewed by the SYFL board and taken into consideration for the planning of the 2013 season. Thanks!
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Was your Coach Organized for games and practices? *
Does / Did your coach display good sportsmanship and set a positive example for your child? *
Does / Did your Coach teach the fundamentals and show knowledge of the game of football? *
Did your Coach Start Each Player on Offense, Defense, or Special Teams as required by the NRFL rules? (for players on rocket teams only) *
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Please let us know what your coach did well, and what your coach needs to work on.
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Comments / Suggestions for the Board about the Sparta Youth Football League, website, etc.,
Please let us know what we did well, and what we need to work on.
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How did you find out about the dates and times for registering your player for Sparta Youth Football *
What is the best way to let you know when the 2013 football registrations are scheduled
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Do you have any suggestions for fundraising ideas?
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