2017 E/M School Boys' Summer Overnight Camp
Alsalaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatu Allaahi wa barakaatuhuu.


This form is for the 2017 Annual Elementary/Middle School Boys' Summer Camp, scheduled for Thursday, July 6, 2017 until Sunday, July 9, 2017 at Kerr Lake's Hibernia Group Campsite {http://www.ncparks.gov/sites/default/files/ncparks/maps-and-brochures/kerr-lake-hibernia.pdf}.


If you have not filled out the 2017 Annual Main Programs Registration Form {http://tinyurl.com/iar-myc-ems-boys-2017}, please do so BEFORE filling out this form. Without the Annual Main Programs Registration Form filled out, the camp registration will be INCOMPLETE and spots will NOT be reserved. Baaraka Allaahu feekum.



Ages, 8-14


The fee depends on Registration + Payment submissions as follows:

- NORMAL {Su, 6/4/17 - Sa, 6/24/17}: $75 / boy + $10 / boy transportation = $85 / boy

- LATE {Su, 6/25/17 - Su, 7/2/17}: $85 / boy + $10 / boy transportation = $95 / boy

*** Spots are ONLY reserved once BOTH registration form and payment are received. ***


You may contact Brother Mahen Khan (mahenmkhan@gmail.com, 919-757-1979 [call/text]) for details.

Ahsana Allaahu ilaikum.

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Registration is incomplete until payment is received, and we will match payments received with the answers in the database for this form (for record keeping), inn shaa'a Allaah.
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