CCA CONNECTS Student Application for 2018-19
Thank you for your interest in the CCA CONNECTS Fellowship Program!

The CCA CONNECTS program is an incredible opportunity for CCA students to apply their creative skills to make an impact. Apply to join this special cohort of CCA CONNECTS Fellows!

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CCA CONNECTS, a program of the Center for Art + Public Life (The Center) at CCA, is a paid professional development fellowship program for undergraduate and graduate students across all disciplines to work at Bay Area mission-driven community organizations for the duration of an academic year.

Connects Fellows grow professionally through applying their critical and creative skills to help further the mission of their partner sites, while receiving professional development training from the Center at CCA.

**Connects is a competitive program, so read carefully!

Application Process
**Best to apply early! Those who apply early are more likely to be hired! All applications are due Sept 14th.

STEP 1: Review available Connects jobs:
**Or you can find available jobs on CCA's Workday. Search "find student jobs", then select the Job Profile "CCA Connects".

STEP 2: Fill out this application form, including uploading your resume.
**YOU ONLY NEED TO FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION ONE TIME, even if you are interested in working at multiple Connects sites. You DO NOT need to apply on Workday.

STEP 3: We will contact you if we think you are a good fit for a Connects site and connect you with the Site Mentor for an interview.
**We will do our best to accommodate your site preferences but cannot guarantee this. You will be considered for the specific sites you select as well as any other CCA CONNECTS position that you would be a strong fit for.

STEP 4: If the Site Mentor approves your selection, we will begin the hiring process at CCA.
**If selected, you will schedule a meeting with the Connects Program Manager, Evelyn Thorne, to review the hiring process and requirements of participating in the Connects program.

STEP 5: Once you’ve been hired by CCA, you can begin working at your Connects site.
**Start dates vary depending on length of hiring process. All Fellows should start work by Oct 5th.

STEP 6: All Fellows attend Connects Orientations on Sat, Oct 6th 10am-2pm @SF Campus
**See more information below about event requirements

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International students are paid through a specific work-study fund.
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Applicant Questions
CCA CONNECTS is a competitive application process. We pick students who demonstrate a passion for social impact and commitment to growing as a professional. Be thoughtful and thorough in your responses.

We define social impact as collaborating with communities to address critical social issues. Connects Fellows use their creative skills and insight to further the missions of Bay Area organizations to serve diverse communities.

Why are you interested in applying to CCA CONNECTS? *
Tell us why are you interested in applying your art/design skills towards social impact!
Tell us a story about who you are and why you would be a good CONNECTS candidate: *
Connects Fellows apply their creativity towards meaningful projects that allow for 1) professional growth, 2) leadership experience and 3) direct community engagement. Tell us why you would benefit from this opportunity!
Please share an example of a time when you used your creative problem-solving skills in a work or academic setting: *
CCA CONNECTS is a professional development fellowship. Working in a professional setting requires creative problem-solving, follow-through, and adaptability. Give us an example that demonstrates these skills!
What kind of communities are you interested in working with? Why? *
We believe community engagement is a foundational practice for social impact work. All Connects positions involve working directly with the community served. What communities do you want to work with and why? Ex: schools/youth, galleries, design organizations, senior homes, etc...
What languages do you speak? *
This will help us in placing you with the right community. Please indicate fluency.
Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to share?
Any special skills? I.e. technologies, certifications, trainings, etc
Please upload your resume *
Please include past job experience, skillset, and education on your resume.
Site Selection
What is your preferred fellowship site location? *
Please note: We will do our best to accomodate your location preferences, but cannot guarantee this.
What is your mode of transportation? *
Please check all modes of transportation that you have access to. Some sites provide a travel stipend.
Select 1-5 sites that you are most interested in applying for. *
Note: We will do our best to accommodate your site preferences but cannot guarantee this. You will be considered for the specific sites you select as well as any other CCA CONNECTS position that you would be a strong fit for. Find full job descriptions on Workday or here:
Please check all hours that you are available for work *
SCROLL TO THE RIGHT FOR ALL HOURS. PLEASE refer to the requested hours on the job descriptions of the positions you are applying for. We will look for a student who match the requested hours.
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Connects Fellowship Requirements
CCA CONNECTS is more than a job. It is a professional development fellowship designed to help students grow as creative practitioners. Therefore, selected Fellows will be expected to participate in Connects events throughout the school year that will augment their work experience. All events are mandatory AND paid.
CCA CONNECTS Fellows must agree to the following: *
Please check each expectation to acknowledge and agree to the Fellow responsibilities.
Thank you for applying to the CCA CONNECTS program. If you are considered for a CCA CONNECTS fellowship, you will be contacted by the end of September for an interview with a work site. The Center takes each applicant's professional and creative goals, skill set, and schedule into account when making site placements. Due to the limited number of available CCA CONNECTS positions, we are not able to place all applicants. Thank you again for your interest in the CCA CONNECTS program, and please email if you have any questions. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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