10 Questions about your Amateur Radio activity
This brief survey will help us understand your needs and interests. Thank You, from the Arlington Amateur Radio Club.
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1. Is your Amateur Radio license current?
2. How long have you been a licensed amateur?
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3. How often are you on the air?
4. Do you attend the Arlington Amateur Radio Club meetings, or another club's meetings? If not, why not? (use "Other")
5. Why did you become a ham?
6. If you are a new or recent ham, have you received support from a more experienced ham (an "Elmer")?
7. How could an Amateur Radio club help or interest you? For example, would you like help with your station, with preparing for license exams, or with getting on the air?
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8. What might you offer to your fellow hams or organization?
9. What parts of Amateur Radio interest you?
10. Please add any comments that could be helpful in our service to the Arlington amateur community. Include your callsign and E-mail if you would like to be contacted about the club. Thank You!
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