Writefest Scholarship Application
Writefest, though our sponsoring organization Writespace, offers partial scholarships to writers in need. To apply, please fill out the application below, and we will inform you regarding the status of your application within a few weeks. To qualify for a scholarship, candidates must exhibit that they face a real financial need, as well as demonstrate commitment to their writing.

We have two types of Writefest scholarships:

1. Registration Scholarships, which are available in increments of 50% off and 75% off and may be applied to any Writefest tickets (Full Event, Weekend, Workshop Only, One Day). Registration scholarship amount will be determined by financial need, dedication to writing, and writing ability as demonstrated in the application.

2. Pitch Session Scholarships, which provide 50% off pitch session cost and may be applied to one pitch session.
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I have read the paragraphs at the top of this page, and I understand that Writefest has 50% and 75% scholarships available, but is not able to offer 100% scholarships at this time. *
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