Dr. Louise Lennihan Arts & Sciences Grant Competition
Deadline: Oct 6, 2019

The Futures Initiative is pleased to announce the fourth annual Dr. Louise Lennihan Arts & Sciences Grant Competition. Six micro-grants in the amount of $500 will be awarded to eligible doctoral students at the Graduate Center to support interdisciplinary research related to the intersections of humanities, arts, science, and technology. Research that is likely to have a public impact or result in a public-facing project is highly competitive. Students who have not received significant funding are especially encouraged to apply.

These awards are made possible by a generous gift from Curtis Wong, recipient of an honorary degree from the Graduate Center in 2016, as well as several anonymous donations. The competition honors Dr. Lennihan for her extraordinary service on behalf of students and faculty at the Graduate Center.

Applications for this year’s awards are due on Oct 6, 2019. Funds will be distributed in spring 2019.

Topics eligible for funding: Interdisciplinary work at the intersections of humanities, arts, science, and technology. Projects will be evaluated on their creativity, interdisciplinarity, public value, and applicability to equity and social justice.

Award: Support of $500 to be used for research or travel to a conference, workshop, research center, library, archive, or technology center to present or pursue additional research.

Eligibility:  All applicants must be PhD students in good standing, at any stage of their career, in any field, and must be enrolled for the Fall and Spring 2019 semesters. Preference will be given to late-stage candidates of their PhD program who are making satisfactory and timely progress towards completing their degrees, and who have not received an award in years past. Students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in the academy, and students who have not received significant funding for their studies or research, are encouraged to apply.

Please contact futuresinitiative@gc.cuny.edu with questions.

More information: https://futuresinitiative.org/blog/2019/09/04/apply-now-louise-lennihan-arts-and-sciences-grants-2019-2020/
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