Krishna Shradhavaan (Level 1) -   October 2021
1st Level of Commitment to ISKCON Sri Sri Radha Govinda Temple Mangaluru
I will fulfill the following standards of devotional service and I shall receive the blessings of Sri Sri Radha Govinda and Srila Prabhupada to practice Krishna Consciousness as a Shraddhavan:

1. I will chant at least one round of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra everyday.

2. I will read the teachings of Lord Krishna as given in the books of Srila Prabhupada.

3. I will be an active devotee in the temple’s congregation ( also online) that is, I will visit the temple as often as possible and participate and associate with Krishna Conscious programs in the temple ( Also Online).

Notes to  be read please see the download link below

1. Sikshastaka

2. Ten offenses to be avoided

3. Bhoga Offering mantra

4. Prasadam honoring mantra.

5. Panch tatva mantra.

6. Prabhupada pranam mantra

7. Hare Krishna Mantra

(Quizzes are closed book)

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