Minnesota College Goal Participant Survey
Thank you for participating in this College Goal Minnesota event. We would appreciate your feedback on your experiences today. Your participation in this 5-10 minute survey is very important and is voluntary. All responses are confidential and anonymous and you may skip any questions you do not wish to answer.
At which site did you attend College Goal Minnesota? *
What is your race/ethnicity?
Is English your first language?
What is your household income?
Including yourself how many people are in your household?
Were you able to complete your FAFSA today? *
How would you rate the level of help you received today?
Has at least one of your parents attended a postsecondary institution (example: community or technical college, college or university?
What school are you currently enrolled in?
My participation in this Minnesota College Goal event increased the likelihood that I will enroll in a postsecondary institution (college,university or trade school) within the next year.
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How did you learn about Minnesota College Goal? (check all that apply)
What is your current living stituation?
Please make a suggestion to help make Minnesota College Goal better.
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