Petition to the Society for American Archaeology Board of Directors
In accordance with the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) bylaws, Article IX, Section 4, we the undersigned paid voting members of the SAA petition the Board of Directors to hold a referendum vote by electronic ballot sent to all members.

We formally petition the Board of Directors for a referendum vote on the adoption into the bylaws of the following policy, derived from a policy adopted on April 16th, 2019, by the American Anthropological Association:

"Individuals who are currently sanctioned for assault or harassment by an adjudicating institution (e.g., a university, court, or other recognized adjudicating body) will be barred from taking part in SAA events, including annual meetings. Appeals may be requested in the case of advance registration; on-site registration for such individuals will not be permitted. If a current member is sanctioned for sexual misconduct, their membership may be terminated, subject to the procedures defined in the SAA bylaws, Article IV, Section 13 - Termination of Membership."

This petition for a referendum is a direct response to the events that transpired at the 2019 annual meeting. Further information on those events is provided below.
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Further Information on SAA2019 Events
This petition for a referendum is a direct response to the events concerning the presence of David Yesner at the 2019 annual meeting ( This individual has been sanctioned by his former employer ( for decades of sexual misconduct and subsequently banned from membership and participation in the Alaska Anthropological Association ( Although a task force has been formed, the SAA has taken no direct, public action regarding individuals known to be sanctioned by other professional organizations. As a formal part of this petition, we the membership request that the text of the referendum ballot include the above information as well as the cited links to additional information, so that members may make informed decisions.
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