Bookkeeping Questionnaire
By answering these questions, we can give you a quote for a monthly bookkeeping service of your company in Canada
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What is the date of incorporation of your company?
How many bank accounts does your company have including virtual accounts like PayPal? *
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How many credit cards or loans does your business use? *
Are any of your personal credit cards also used for your business? *
How do you currently manage your sales? *
If you use an accounting and payroll software program, what software are you using?
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How many people are registered on payroll? (if there is no one write 0) *
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If your company has an inventory to register, how are you currently registering?
How many times a year do you file your GST / PST tax return? *
Until what date are the administrative records of invoices, expenses and payroll up to date? *
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