'Ancestors' test - Feedback Form
We're so glad you took part in this test for "Ancestors". Your feedback below will help us make this experience even better.

LET OP! De vragen in deze (korte) enquete zijn in het engels maar voel je vrij deze in het Nederlands te beantwoorden. Alvast bedankt!
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Your name
If you used a different name for the sake of the test (when you registered at the beginning of the night), put that here.
What moment is standing out to you the most, and why?
Was there any moment (or several moments) when you were confused or didn't know what to do?
Are there any moments that you really didn't like? Can you describe why?
Rate how close you feel to others in the group after having gone through "Ancestors" together.
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What message (if any) do you think sums up what we're trying to say with "Ancestors"?
And do you think we get that message across well? Is it over the top? Is it just right?
In one sentence (not two sentences), how would you describe "Ancestors" to a friend? TIP: Start your response with, "Ancestors is..."
Your photo was taken at the beginning of this test. Ideally, we would be able to use that photo for further internal testing (which is only for us and continuing to make the piece better - it would never leave our team). Would you be okay if we used your photo and name for these purposes?
Ideally, we would also be able to use your photo for the sake of applying for future grants and for general marketing purposes. Would you be okay if we used your photo and name for these purposes? (It helps us grow, but honestly, no hard feelings if you say "No".)
Similar question: This test was filmed/photographed. Are you okay if we use those recordings for grants and general marketing purposes?
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