Discipline Coaching Program Application
Married? Children? Tell me a little about your family.
In what areas of your life are you NOT happy with your results? Examples would be health, fitness, relationship, wealth, communication, etc.
What is one area of your life where you are lacking discipline the most? Explain.
In what areas of your life are you happy with your results?
What area of your life are you the most disciplined? Explain.
How do you plan your daily activities? Describe your typical day.
What holds you back from going after your ultimate dreams?
What are the Podcasts, Books, blogs etc. that you have listened to/read in the past to move you closer to accomplishing your goals?
Why do you feel that you need to work with a coach rather than implementing information found in existing books, on websites, etc?
Please describe 2-3 specific results that you would like from working with me.
Being a part of this program requires serious commitment in terms of time, effort, energy and money. Are you prepared to make such a commitment?
Tell me anything else you would think would be relevant to helping me to get you your results.
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