Bridging Gaps in Care Leadership App for 2021-2022
Bridging Gaps in Care is a service learning organization at Boston University School of Medicine.

Our mission: Bring preventive medical care to the people and places in Boston that need it most.

Our model: Medical students bringing regular, physician-supervised health education, and preventive screening to subsidized housing in Boston.

Our vision: Establish a long-lasting relationship with the surrounding community and create opportunities for medical students to provide preventive care to low income elders under physician supervision.

Typically site visits to Marcus Garvey Gardens (an affordable housing community for older adults) would involve talking to the residents, learning and performing basic clinical skills and tasks, working with the supervising medical professionals, developing educational workshops, and creating patient flyers! We understand that due to COVID restrictions, unfortunately no site visits were able to be made this past year. Given these limitations, we are looking for highly motivated people to help grow this program in creative ways, including virtually!

Application due date: 1/24 at 11:59 pm
For more information, please check out our video!
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