Life Group HOST Application
A Life Group HOST is someone who-Has a heart for God, Opens their home (or church), Serves a snack, Thoughtfully guides discussion. You are required to attend Starting Point on one of the following dates to serve as a HOST.

Starting Point Dates:
December 6th

Name *
Spouses Name if Co-Host *
Phone number *
Primary Email *
Have you attended Starting Point? It is required and important as a group Host to understand the churches mission, vision and values. *
Have you made the committment to become a Ministry Partner (member) of Liberty by signing the Liberty Ministry Partner Application? (Following Starting Point) *
If No, can we help you in taking a NEXT STEP to commiting to being a Ministry Partner?
Have you been a HOST (leader) of a group at another church? *
If Yes, how long have you been a HOST (leader)?
If No, what brought you to fill out this form?
Have you been a part of a Liberty Growth Group before? *
If you have NOT been a part of a Liberty Growth Group, have you been a part of a small group elsewhere?
If Yes, how long have you been involved in small group environment?
Any additional information that you would like to share?
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