AEA PD Online - Online Training Prioritization Survey

In the fall of 2014, AEA PD Online will offer 50 online trainings on our training system.

To help us prioritize, complete the survey below. After identifying your agency and your current position, rank the following topics on the basis of need. Consider both the importance and the urgency. To gather better data, we have made the following distinctions:

1. "Make it this year" - Choose the top 5 (and only your top 5) from the entire list you see as the most urgent.
2. "Strong Priority" - Out of those that aren't the top needs, these would be the ones that would be worth it for the state to invest resources to build.
3. "Moderate Priority" - These would be trainings that there would be SOME benefit to investing resources to build.
4. "Not a Priority" - These would be trainings that, "if we had them, great! But no need to invest energy or resources into them at this time."

Your feedback is very important to us! Feel free to add suggestions at the bottom for other trainings that you would like to see.


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    Chemical Spills
    Electrical Safety
    Energy Conservation (for All Staff)
    General Safety Orientation (for All Staff)
    Hearing Loss Prevention
    Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
    Office Ergonomics (for All Staff)
    Playground Maintenance and Inspection
    Science Lab Safety
    Slips, Trips, and Falls (for All Staff)
    Supervisor's Role in Safety
    Accident Investigation
    Heat Illness Prevention
    Ladder Safety
    Lead Safety Awareness
    Back Injury and Lifting
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    Boundary Invasion (Safe Touch)
    Conflict Management: Managing the Angry Parent
    Conflict Management: Staff-to-Staff
    Conflict Management: Student-to-Student
    Avoiding Discriminatory Practices
    Customer Service Overview
    Drug Free Workplace
    Sensitivity Awareness
    Termination: Practice and Procedure
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    Automated External Defibrilators (AEDs)
    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
    Concussion Awareness: Athletics
    First Aid
    Pandemic Flu Awareness
    Head Lice
    Pink Eye
    Student Mental Health
    Stress Management
    Steroid and PED Awareness in Athletics
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    Food Service Equipment: Safe Use & Sanitation
    Foodborne Illness
    HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points
    Nutrition Basics
    School Meal Compliance
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    Universal Design for Learning
    Poverty Awareness
    Teaching English Language Learners
    Positive Behavior Inteventions and Supports (PBIS): Overview
    Using Research - Standards for research, selecting evidence-based practices
    Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS): Overview
    Mentor-Mentee Training
    Differentiated Instruction
    Problem/Project-based Learning
    Iowa Core: Overview
    Iowa Professional Development Model: Understanding Professional Learning Standards
    Teacher Leadership: Teacher Observation and Feedback
    Teacher Leadership: Facilitating Meetings
    Adult Learning
    Early Literacy Initiative
    Competency-Based Education
    Personalized Learning
    Standards-Based Grading
    Overview of Grading Practices
    Formative Assessment (Assessment for Learning)
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    School Invaders
    School Violence: Identifying and Addressing
    Crisis Response and Recovery
    Crime Prevention
    Emergency Management - Managing the Aftermath of Tragedy
    Emergency Operations Plan
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    Dating Violence: Identification & Intervention
    Disruptive Student Behavior
    Managing the Aftermath of Tragedy
    Playground Supervision
    Student Drug & Alcohol Abuse
    Youth Suicide: Awareness & Prevention
    Homeless Students: Awareness & Understanding
    Making Schools Safe for LGBT Students
    Sports Supervision and Safety
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    Special Education: Overview of IDEA & Federal Law
    Special Education: Assistive Technology
    Special Education: Safety in the Classroom
    Special Education Procedures Manual
    Special Education: Child Find
    Special Education: Weighted Enrollment Factor
    Special Education: Statewide IEP
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    Bus Behavior & Discipline
    Transportation Safety
    Initial Bus Driver Training
    Renewal Bus Driver Training
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