Take a short survey on how CDNs can improve your OTT services
BroadcastPro Middle East and Medianova have partnered to conduct a short survey to better understand the challenges that OTT entities and streaming platforms face with regards to CDNs (Content Delivery Networks). The results of this survey will be discussed in a webinar in late September. By participating in this survey, you also stand a chance to win an Apple TV, courtesy of Medianova.

This survey will take you less than 5 minutes to answer but will help us better understand the needs of the OTT industry.

*BroadcastPro ME will not share your name, company and contact details with any third party. Only survey results will be discussed and published.
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1- Are you planning to change your CDN provider, or add another provider, within the next 6 months? *
2- Which of the following would you like to see your CDN improve on? (select all that apply) *
3- What do you consider to be an “emerging market” for you? (Select all that apply) *
4- Which of the following do you feel your CDN does well? (select all that apply) *
5- Which of these problems have you experienced with your CDN provider? (select all that apply) *
6- What would be your reason to switch or add a new CDN provider to your delivery architecture? *
7- What are the top 2 metrics you focus on when tracking the performance of a CDN? (Please choose 2) *
8- Would you pay more to a CDN for any of the following features? (select all that apply) *
9- What is your day-to-day challenge in your streaming workflow? (Select all that apply) *
10- Are you planning to add a Private CDN to your delivery mix for better performance and cost optimization? *
11- What would be your reasons to move to (or add) a Private CDN? (Select all that apply) *
12- How much do you spend on CDN service per year, for the delivery of live and on-demand video? *
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