12 Week Challenge
Looking To Love How Your Body Looks And Performs?

I'm taking 5 people to participate in this 12 Week Challenge.So, you can finally ,perform at your best and feel great.

If you want a program that will

-Help you lose body fat and build lean muscle mass.
-Get strong and have more energy.
-Feel and look your best without going on strict diet or starving yourself.
-Without doing boring cardio, that most hate.

If your all in on doing a program like this. I want you to fill out, this application and We’ll get back to you asap and see fi your a good fit.

This program includes
-Custom workouts for your specific goals
-Personal training
-Daily nutrition coaching working on the basics.
-Helping you make nutrition habits work around your life, instead the other way around.
-Weekly check ins with your aoch.
-Bye weekly progress checks
-At home workout guides and meal ideas

Apply here if your all in , only looking for 5 people.


What times are you there to train me?
MON 6 7 9 am 430 530 pm
Tues 6 7 9am 4 5 pm
WEds 430 pm 530 pm
Thurs 6 7 9am 430 530 pm
Fri 6 7 9 am 430 530 pm
Sat 9am

Will this work for me?
If your give 15 minutes a day to work with your nutritional habits and train with me a minimum of 3x week. Yes, if not I can’t promise you anything.

Adam has lost over 50lbs and kept if off for over a year. That's a the key to successful program, lots of program can get you to get results, but do you keep it. If you don't is really that effective.
Name *
Email *
Phone number
What are your goals?
Why is that important to you?
Are willing to dedicate at least 15 minutes each day to your nutrition habits and train with me 3x week, so you can reach your goal with me?
Are you willing to invest $67/week to having me help you achieve this goal?
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