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Fair Fight Action is working to make voting easier, fairer, and more equitable in Georgia and across the country. Georgians' voting stories are the backbone of our advocacy efforts. We want to know how the voting system affects you because your perspective matters.

If you have voted OR tried to vote in ANY Georgia election in the last 10 years, whether the most recent elections, in 2018 or even as far back as 2014, OR you plan to vote in upcoming elections, we want to hear from you. Have you faced any obstacles at any time in the past 10 years when registering to vote, voting by mail, or voting in person? Or do you have particular voting needs we must ensure are protected--for example, do you need to vote on Sundays, have you needed to request a mail ballot in the 10 days leading up to Election Day, or have line warmers helped provide you food or drinks while you waited in long voting lines?

Please fill out the form below to share your story, and be sure to provide details about your story in the text box at the bottom of the form. Your experiences matter and will help us make and keep voting accessible to you and all Georgians. Someone from the Fair Fight Action team may follow up with you. Don't worry, we won't share your story until we speak with you and get your permission. Email addresses will not be sold or shared with third parties for marketing emails.
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Please use this space to provide details about ANYTHING we should know about ANY difficulty or problem you have faced or observed relating to voting over the last 10 years, OR details about your future voting needs that could be affected by legislative changes. The more detail the better; no detail is too small! *
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