Baltic Sea Youth Platform
Hello everyone,

we are so excited to inform that will launch the Baltic Sea Youth Platform as soon as possible. It is a tool for the youth in te region to empower themselves through cooperation and to get their opinions heard by decisonmakers.
You can be part of the development by contributing with your ideas and activly participating in our discussions.

Please create yourself an account in our slack, so you will never miss any information:

Furthermore, you can answer any of the questions below and you can leave your contact details, so we can send you our updates via mail.

Please feel free to share any ideas or contact us at any point through this form or at

Best wishes,

the BSYP-development team
What values are most important to be part of the BSYP?
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What goal should be the most important for the BSYP?
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What challenges should we be aware of?
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What commitment will you make for the BSYP?
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What kind of funding mechanisms could be interesting for the BSYP and the partners of the project?
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Who should be a partner in the BSYP?
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What project should be done throught the BSYP?
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Any other feedback
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