The Sorta Big Time, Kinda Secret Sketch Match#3 Sign Up Form
This is where sketch writers, sketch teams and actors/improvisers sign up to compete in the SBTKS Sketch Match #3 on June 21st at The Pinch! Thanks for supporting local sketch! :)
Check-In is 11:30-12:30 and is the time when you can find actors/improvisers to cast in your sketches.
Your first and last name *
Your email address *
Your Troupe/Team Name
**If your troupe is competing in the Group competition, only 1 person from the team needs to complete this form**
If You are competing in the Group competition (without scripts) Please list the names & email addresses of all your team members.
This is so we can email comments from the ballots to everyone. :)
And/Or Will you be submitting a sketch you wrote in the "Rough & Sorta Ready" category? *
This is the individual competition, read with scripts and cast between 11:30-12:30 at the match.
We want to give you time to write new sketches,so we will be contacting you via email to get Sketch Titles about a week before the match. Is that cool? *
We need sketch titles & author names for the pre-printed ballots.
One last thing! Please bring a 3 copies of your sketch for Muphy,and the judges panel! And, if you are in the Rough & Sorta Ready" category, you need a copy for each character in your sketch. Does that make sense? *
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