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Thank you for requesting to learn more about the Utah Women’s Networking Group (UTWNG). Our group began back in 2011 when our founders started getting together for lunch, laughs and to network. Our members value building long lasting relationships over selling. Although businesses have been started and built through the UTWNG, we believe the true value is becoming part of a supportive community. At this time, we have over 300 active members on our Main Facebook Page and over 800 on our Utah WNG Business Resource Page who represent a variety of professionals, businesses, backgrounds and passions. You do not have to own a business to feel like a part of our group. Our main goal is to encourage our members to support each other, give advice and provide opportunities to learn from each other.

Newcomers to the group receive a three month Trial Membership. During that time, you will have access to monthly events, educational opportunities and our Facebook Pages. You will receive a Welcome Email with a variety of links, helpful hints and upcoming events. Our luncheons are held primarily the 3rd Wednesday of the month 11:30 to 1:00 p.m. Besides luncheons, we host various events throughout the year to accommodate members schedules and to open up to additional attendees outside the parameters of our group. We have breakfast, lunch and early evening events as well as Area Connections for both the Orem/Provo and Ogden/Davis County areas in the mornings. We are looking to expand throughout Utah and welcome individuals who would like to host Area Connections in Counties outside the Wasatch Front - especially in Southern and Eastern Utah. Besides connecting with members in person, we also recommend you are active on the Facebook Page and engage in conversations to gain trust and build relationships.

One of the things that our members appreciate most about our Facebook page is that it is a great place to ask for referrals/resources. We partner with a variety of city/state/federal business resources throughout Utah. When providing a specific type of referral, we ask that members recommend/tag members when someone is asking for a resource. If you wish to recommend someone else that is not a member, we ask that you private message the member making the request.

To also promote our members, Ambassadors have access to a Directory of our membership that is used to connect members when resources are requested on our Facebook page. There is also sponsorship opportunities available at our events to help members become familiar with your services.

We encourage our members to engage on our Facebook Page. Ambassadors take turns weekly to post questions so our members can get to know each other. In addition, members are allowed to create posts that ask for advice, referrals or support/promote other members. We ask you keep posts simple and non-complicated. Promoting products and/or services are not allowed on our Main Facebook Page. Promotional posts are more appropriate for our Utah WNG Business Resource Page. Members that do not follow the guidelines regarding posts will have their post deleted and risk being removed from the group. On our Facebook Page, there is a link for our Posting Guidelines in the Description Section.

Once (or before) your Trial Membership is over, you have the ability to become a paid member. We have a variety of memberships that include free educational P.O.W.E.R. Sessions, promotional opportunities, the ability to be listed in our Directory and more. To learn more about the UTWNG, membership benefits and to register for upcoming events, please go to www.utwng.com.

Once you fill out this application, and if you have requested to be added to the Facebook Page, our Ambassador will introduce you to the Group on the following Thursday. If you have questions about the UTWNG, the application and/or other resources of the UTWNG, please email us at ambassadors@utwng.com.
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