Transformative Language Arts Certification Application
TLA Certification: Transformative Language Arts Foundations. This certification is administered by the TLA Network, a not-for-profit organization. The certification can be of value to people immersed in the field; it can also be a good first step for people planning on applying to the Goddard program (MA in TLA), or a stepping stone for people who've already earned a MA in TLA.
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The certification process, once begun, needs to be completed within two years. Do you believe this is feasible for you? Are there any obstacles you anticipate in completing the requirements? *
Requirements include: Complete TLA Foundations online class; Attend one conference OR Take two online classes; Publish in with Chrysalis or TLA Blog; Complete a self-evaluation.
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We are interested in knowing who the TLAN reaches, benefits, and supports so that we may better learn how we include / exclude segments of populations. We appreciate your support in helping us expand the network and include more transformative language artists.

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