POI Fandom Blanket Permission List Project
Hello, Person of Interest fan creators! This is a project with three goals:
- Educate creators about Blanket Permission Statements
- Encourage creators to write and post their BPS
- Update the Fanlore Blanket Permission to Podfic page with a ton of new names.
—See the list here: https://fanlore.org/wiki/Blanket_Permission_to_Podfic

Who is running this thing?
That would be me - JinkyO. You can find all me at jinkyohearn.com

What is a Blanket Permission Statement?
Basically, this is a statement that gives other fan creators permission to transform your work, in whatever way YOU feel comfortable giving permission. As a writer, having a blanket permission statement gives podficcers, translators, fan artists, vidders, etc. a chance to create transformative works based on your work. You retain full credit for the original work.

A BPS can also tell fan transformers that you are NOT open to having your work podficced, translated, etc.
Or maybe you're open to having certain works transformed but not others. or maybe you're okay with your work being translated, but not podficced or remixed. The level of permission, the limits, and the caveats, are up to you!
You can read more about Blanket Permissions here at Fanlore: https://fanlore.org/wiki/Blanket_Statement

Why have a Blanket Permission Statement?
There are entire communities of fans who love recording podfic (audio versions of your fan fiction). And other fans who love translating the fic they love into a second language so that even more fans can love it!

A BPS lets a podficcer/translator/transformative artist know right away if you're open to having your work transformed, and if you're not open (and that's okay too!) Having a BPS does not guarantee that your work will be podficced, translated, re-mixed, etc. but it absolutely increases the odds.

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