KCGameCON2018 + Midwest Arena Esports Call of Duty 2v2/5v5 sign up page.
If you are the captain of your COD team for KCGameCON2018 - please fill out this information so we can line up passes for your teammates and get all of your names in the raffle. This will also help us track if your teammate shows up before the captain, so they can get in and start setting up.
Team Name *
Your real name *
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Your email address (same that you used on kcgameon.com website) *
Your cell number (so we can reach you if you are not checked in to play) *
2v2 team member (fill out if playing in 2v2) - fill in only one name and PSN ID
5v5 team members (fill out if playing in 5v5) - fill in four different names and PSN ID
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