Mentoring Future Scientists: Evaluate Your Department
With the advice of mentoring experts, STEM trainees, and STEM department leaders from across the country, the Mentoring Future Scientists team at Future of Research has developed a set of six mentoring climate guidelines to measure excellence in STEM departments and training programs. To learn more about how the guidelines were developed, visit

Use the explanatory flowcharts below to evaluate your department or program’s mentoring climate across our six categories.

Once we receive your submission, we’ll verify it (if you provide us with contact details), and include it in our crowdsourced database! All reports are listed anonymously.

For any questions or comments, please email, with “Mentoring” in the subject line.

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Supplemental Mentoring Support Flowchart
If you'd like, explain your rating for Supplemental Mentoring:
Peer Support Cohorts (Use Flowchart Below) *
Peer Support Cohort Flow Chart
If you'd like, explain your rating for Peer Support Cohorts:
Required Mentor Training (Use Flowchart Below) *
Required Mentor Training Flowchart
If you'd like, explain your rating for Required Mentor Training:
Anonymous Exit Interviews (Use Flowchart Below) *
Anonymous Exit Interviews Flowchart
If you'd like, explain your rating for Anonymous Exit Interviews:
Clear Guidelines and Timelines (Use Flowchart Below) *
Clear Guidelines and Timelines Flowchart
If you'd like, explain your rating for Clear Guidelines and Timelines:
Career Development Resources (Use Flowchart Below) *
Career Development Resources Flowchart
If you'd like, explain your rating for Career Development Resources:
Verification of Evaluation
It's helpful for our team to be able to follow up and verify that evaluations came from someone knowledgeable of the department or program. If you feel comfortable, please share the names of the evaluators here, and one contact email below. We will maintain your anonymity, and this is not required.
If you have any additional comments regarding the guidelines or this form you think we should be aware of, please add them below:
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