SCALA’s Expertise Quiz: Electro stimulation (e-stim)
In the extensive world of sex toys, drugstore and lingerie there are many different brands and products to be found. Also, it’s a fast-moving industry of new developments. This means there is always a lot to discover. That is why SCALA introduces the Expertise Quiz. Not only fun to do, but perhaps also educational for you as a connoisseur. Are you aware of the latest innovations and how much do you know within a certain category? Let’s find out! This time we test your knowledge about Electro stimulation. Take the quiz and get the chance to win fun prices.
1. Why do people enjoy electrostimulation? *
2. Which kind of lube should you be using with electro stimulation toys? *
3. How many e-stim toys can you control at the same time with the Mystim remote “Cluster Buster”? *
4. What is NOT a benefit you can achieve with Electrosex Toys? *
5. How long has electro stimulation been around? *
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