Incident Report - Anaheim Rental Alliance (ARA)
Use this form to report any of the following:

1. Any Code Enforcement and/or Police visit or call about your STR property.
2. Any City, Code Enforcement, or Police request to inspect your property.
3. Any incident in which you, your guest, or your property manager experience any unreasonable situation with a city official, an STR opponent, or any other entity that has threatened, harrassed, or interfered with your right to operate your STR.
4. Any Courtesy Notice, Citation, or Violation regarding your STR from the City, your HOA, or any other entity in an Official Capacity (police, fire, etc.).

YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION IS REQUIRED as it is critically important for verification purposes.

This document is for informational purposes only. The ARA is not responsible for responding to, reporting, or curing any alleged incidents.

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