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Mission of IE RISE
To facilitate a multi-sector space rooted in community that co-designs a new vision of a sustainable and equitable Inland Empire.
Description of IE RISE
IE RISE (Inland Empire Roadmap for an Inclusive and Sustainable Economy) is an ambitious project to develop a robust regional economic and institutional plan that: a) is community-led across its various sub-regions, b) supports youth and worker voices to build the next generation of regional leadership, c) engages and builds research and policy capacity within the region, and d) provides a road map for a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable economy and society.

Guided by a vision of the kind of future we hope to see by 2030, IE RISE will set a bold and ambitious investment strategy for the region, with advocacy and accountability mechanisms to ensure their timely implementation. The work will be structured in a way to ensure cross-regional equity, ensuring that communities that have traditionally held less power in regional economic decisions are empowered and united to shape our region’s economic future.

IE RISE will build all policy and organizing work around the framework of equity for all: the work will be grounded in racial, gender, and LGBTQ equity, and giving explicit attention to communities historically excluded by immigration status, disability, age, or other factors. This roadmap will not only provide guidance for new policies and investments of public, private, and philanthropic dollars, it will also provide mechanisms for tracking and evaluating existing policies and investments, and ensuring mutual accountability to achieve the visions laid out by a broad group of stakeholders in the region.
Issue Tracks
The work of IE RISE will be structured through Issue Tracks. Work on each issue track will proceed as follows:

Summer and Fall 2020: Landscape scan of existing issues, programs, and investments as well as past/present policy; Memo on recommendations for policies and/or practices going forward.
Post Fall 2020: issue track members have the option of continuing the work with field and policy campaigns in support of that issue, with a committee chair or co-chair.
The Steering Committee will be composed of coordinating orgs (UCR Center for Social Innovation and Inland Empowerment), Issue Track lead(s) in the Summer and Fall phase of the work, and Committee Chair(s) in the subsequent phase. The Steering Committee will review all material produced by the Issue Tracks and ensure timely completion for the Fall 2020 unveiling of the 2030 roadmap.
- Participate in an Issue Track (Summer and Fall 2020)
- Attend 50% or more of bi-annual membership meetings
- Attend 75% or more of issue track meetings
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