UCSD CSE Fellows 2020 Application
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Please add a link (URL) to your CV. In addition to publications, we encourage documentation of any research impact, professional experience or contributions to diversity.
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Please add a link (URL) to a 2-page (excluding references) statement listing your research objectives/goals for the duration of the 2 year fellowship and your plan for achieving those objectives/goals. Include several milestones, and explain how any external needs, e.g., computing resources or laboratory equipment, will be met.
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Please add a link (URL) to a 1-page fellowship plan that describes the research skills and experiences you plan to gain during the fellowship and how these will advance your career objectives. These might include, e.g., authoring a research proposal; improving technical presentation techniques; conference attendance; managing and motivating a (student) research team; or teaching. This plan should be written in collaboration with the proposed mentor. It should explain how the you and your mentor will work together to achieve what is planned, particularly if you are not co-located in San Diego.
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