AARC Programs & Events Survey
Thank you for taking this survey about the Asian American Resource Center (AARC) and our programming. Your participation in this survey is completely anonymous. If you recently attended multiple programs hosted by the AARC, please fill out a separate survey for each program/event. Your feedback is appreciated!

Translated Survey in Chinese: https://forms.gle/1m3hHj9JpgKYdmZt6

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1. Which community or cultural program did you participate in/attend at the AARC? *
2. If you selected an Ongoing Program or OTHER, what was the name of the specific program you attended or participated in?
3. If you selected an Ongoing Program, what was date you attended/participated on?
4. I enjoyed the program/event. *
No, I did not enjoyed the program/event
Yes, I enjoyed the program/event
5. I increased my knowledge of culture, history and/or art. *
No, I did not increased my knowledge
Yes, I increased my knowledge
7. Do you have any feedback you would like to share with the organizers of this program/ event? Anything you would have changed or something you were impressed by?
8. What would've made this program or event more accessible for you?
9. I would like to attend/see/use an event/exhibit/program like this in the future.
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10. Are there obstacles or challenges that prevent you from attending or participating in AARC's programs?
11. What is your gender? *
12. What is your age? *
13. Do you identify as any of the following? (Mark all that apply) *
14. If you identify as Asian American, please share with us which ethnic group/community listed below you identify the most with.
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15. What is your zip code? *
16. How did you hear about us? *
17. Are you interested in more events at the AARC or getting more involved?
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