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The East Bay Waldorf School offers an Afterschool Program for Preschool through 8th-grade students to meet the needs of our families. Aftercare is offered every school day, with the exception of the last day of school. Aftercare has a daily rate structure, based on the length of the day.

Preschool Contracted Rates:
12:45-3:15 pm $27.50/day
12:45-5:30 pm $52.25/day
Friday Early Pick Up Option: 12:45- 2:00 pm $13.75/day

Kindergarten Contracted Rates:
1:00-3:15 pm $24.75/day
1:00-5:30 pm $49.50/day
Friday Early Pick Up Option: 1:00- 2:00 pm $11/day

Grades Contracted Rates:
3:30-5:30 pm $22/day
Friday: 2:00-5:30 pm $38.50/day

Aftercare rates will not be prorated. You will be charged the full rate for any partial time blocks of service.

Late Pickup - Aftercare closes at 5:30 pm. If you pick-up your child after 5:30, a $25 late fee will be applied to your next bill.

If a child shows up for Aftercare, for any reason, and is not on the list, the drop-in rate will apply.

Please complete the form, one for each student(s).

Emergency contact and Authorized pick-up information will be pulled from your child(ren)'s emergency form.

Filling out the contract:
1. The first section will provide the school with information we require to keep track of your contract, pick-up preferences and contact information.

2. The second section, after clicking the continue button, will take you to scheduling, where you may choose weekly recurring days and times.

3. The last section will provide the school with your payment information. Payment can be managed through your SMART account monthly or full payments can be made in the Business Office by check or credit card (credit card fee 2.5%). If paying through SMART, the due date will be the same day as your tuition payment (the 5th or 20th). To set up a Smart Tuition account go to: www.enrollwithsmart.com.

This form assumes the term of a semester. If you have a specific set of days that aren't recurring weekly please state the specific days and times in the comments section.

Changes in care – If the days or times for which your child needs Aftercare change, you must revise your contract by the 20th of the month prior to service. If we do not receive a revised contract, you will be charged the drop-in rate for any new/additional days.

If you have any questions, please contact aftercare@eastbaywaldorf.org or 510-222-3297 ext. 2101.

Thank you!

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