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By submitting this form, the adoption process is NOT COMPLETE.
The CARE team will go through the details and get back to you depending upon your suitability as a pet parent. Please give a convenient time for a call back.
The Final Adoption form must be filled up in person at the shelter once the screening process is completed and approved.
Please note: All adult animals are sterilized/neutered before they are sent to adoptive homes. In case of adoption of pups, we recommend that you sterilize/neuter them when they are ready. This can be done either in our facility or by a veterinarian of your choice.
A pet is a lifetime commitment and a family member. The decision has emotional, physical & financial implications. Do examine all aspects of your life thoroughly & make an informed decision before submitting the form.
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5 B. Are there any children below 13 years ?
5 C. If yes, will you be able to cope with children & pets?
5 D. In case of events like child birth and the family expanding, will you be able to cope with the baby & the pet?
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7. House Ownership *
8 A. If not owned, have you informed & received the approval of the owner. *
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9A. Are you a first time pet owner? *
9B. If No, do you have any other pet now?
9C. If yes, which animal do you have as a pet? Please mention Species, gender & spay status.
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10A. Will the new pet have human company for most part of the day? *
10 B. If no, for how many hours will the pet stay unattended?
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10 C. Will the pet be chained? *
10 D. The pet will stay *
10 E. Will the dog be taken for walks & exercised regularly? *
10 F. What arrangements will you make for the pet when you have to travel for a holiday or work related event? *
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10 G. In case you have to move to a new city or country along with your family, will your pet also move with you? *
11. In case of any adjustment issues, will you be open to receiving counselling support from the CARE team & work with your pet patiently? *
12.Convenient time for a call back from CARE *
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