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Commercial Applicators / Qualified Supervisor / Certified Operator / Private Applicator - Contact Information Form

The Department is in the process of updating our applicator records to capture business and individual applicator e-mail contact information. This information will be used for future electronic communications to keep licensed applicators up-to-date with Departmental news, rule changes, new procedural implementations, licensure notifications/correspondence and needs from the licensed community.


Commercial Business - If you are filling out as a commercial business please fill out section #1, and click next on section #2 to complete.

Individual License - If you are filling out as an individual please click next on section #2, as this section pertains to commercial businesses.

Commercial and Individual Licenses - If you are completing for both your business and individual license please fill out both sections.

Please fill out the form below with the necessary information.

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Michael Rigirozzi
Certification & Training Program Manager
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