2018 ROTY Nomination Form
This year's SCAOR ROTY will be announced at the Installation on November 30th.

SCAOR is now accepting nominations for the REALTOR® of the Year Award. This award is given to a SCAOR member who exemplifies the REALTOR® image and goes beyond the call of duty. Please take this opportunity to nominate someone special who rates high in the following categories:

Local Association Activity (40 Points)
REALTOR® Spirit (15 Points)
Business Accomplishments (15 Points)
State Association Activity (10 Points)
Civic Activity (10 Points)
NAR Activity (5 Points)
Significant Contributions (5 Points)

Candidate must be a current member of the Sussex County Association of REALTORS® and will be judged only on activities and accomplishments within the past five (5) years.

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Nominee's Name (If not yourself): *
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If someone were presenting this award, what remarks would they make about the nominee?
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Local Board Activity (20 Points): *
Definition: Active participation in the Board at any level, i.e. serving as director, officer, committee chair. Serving on a committee or task force; other active involvement.
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State Association Activity (30 Points): *
Definition: Active participation in the State at any level, i.e. serving as director, officer, committee chair. Serving on a committee or task force; other active involvement.
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NAR Activity (05 Points): *
Definition: Active participation, i.e. attendance at National Conventions, serving in a leadership position in an NAR organization and/or Affiliate Society, Institute or Council (director, chair/vice-chair, chapter president, etc.) Serving on committee, task force or forum member
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Business Accomplishment (15 Points): *
Definition: Completion of Professional Designations candidacy (GRI, CRS, CRB, CCIM, LTG, etc.). Membership in professional business organization (Rotary, Lions). Production accomplishments. Awards, i.e. small business of the year, etc. Designations/awards through other real-estate organizations, i.e. company awards. Past ROTY nominations; licenses earned; other education, i.e. degrees; instruction; owning company; business growth.
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Civic Activity (10 Points) *
Definition: Active in community, church, school politics, service and non-profit organizations and charities. Improving public image. Giving something back to the community
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REALTOR® Spirit (15 Points) *
Explain in your own words how you have contributed to REALTOR® spirit. Possible definitions: Personal philosophy; supportive of others in industry; work to improve REALTOR® image; presenting a professional, ethical, public image; being accessible to your local board, i.e. volunteering time outside of committees.
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Significant Contributions (05 Points) *
Awards, achievements and contributions, which exemplify exceptional skills or aptitude not addressed in other areas of this form.
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